Setting Goals and Partnering Up: Why Small Group Training and Group X Will Help You Stay on Track This Year

Many people start the New Year with plans to get fit. Unfortunately, around 80% of Americans give up on this goal by the second week of February. The best way to ensure success is by enrolling in a fitness program. Although there are several ways to get in shape, Small Group Training and/or Group X training can help you stay on track.

Benefits of Small Group Training 

Small Group Training provides an excellent opportunity to get fit with like-minded people. This can help motivate and inspire you. Atlas Mobile Gym offers Small Group Training for groups of 3-10 people. This is the perfect exercise program for co-workers, friends, family or neighbors.

Classes are held at the location of your choice and taught by a professional personal trainer. Workouts are specially designed to be safe and effective. Our personal trainers work with your group to help you meet your individual fitness goals. Small Group Training includes a variety of different exercises to help keep your workouts interesting and exciting.

You’re more likely to stick with your exercise program if you exercise in a group. Group training takes you out of the spotlight and helps you connect with others.

Group X Training in San Diego, CA

Group X training provides a challenging fitness program focused on improving overall physical fitness and athleticism while enhancing speed, agility, strength and cardiovascular endurance. Group X classes are available for every fitness level, from beginner to seasoned athlete.

Group X can help you get in shape while improving your technique and preventing injury. Group X classes are offered in progressions, with each step becoming more strenuous. Members work at their own pace to meet their fitness goals.

Group X classes are individualized to each member’s needs. This highly effective exercise program helps members stay motivated and inspired to stick with their fitness program.

Atlas Mobile Gym offers Personal Training, Group X and Small Group Training in San Diego, CA. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you meet your fitness goals in 2018!