Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Trainer in San Diego, CA

An exercise program can help you look and feel your best. Regular exercise has many benefits throughout all stages of life, including pregnancy. Prenatal and postnatal exercise helps boost your mood and improve your health.

Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

Prenatal exercise can decrease your chance of developing gestational diabetes and reduce bloat and swelling. Women that exercise throughout their pregnancy often experience fast deliveries and quick recovery after childbirth.

Benefits of Postnatal Exercise

Postnatal exercise can help enhance your mood after giving birth. It can also help you lose weight, rid your body of aches and pains and enhance your stamina. Postnatal exercise may even help reduce the chance of developing postpartum depression.

San Diego Personal Trainers

New moms often find it difficult to make time for the gym. Many feel embarrassed to exercise in front of others. Personal trainers can help pregnant and new moms learn the proper way to exercise and use equipment. This is good for both their confidence and their health.

Atlas Mobile Gym offers prenatal and postnatal personal training in San Diego, CA. Our personal trainer, Salina, is specially trained in prenatal and postnatal fitness and workouts. She can help you determine the best exercise program for your fitness goals.

The ideal exercise program includes a variety of exercises. Our unique mobile gym brings the gym to your front door. We provide a variety of equipment and are able to teach you a wide range of exercises.

Salina makes sure that you fully understand the correct way to do each exercise. This helps you avoid injury and reach your fitness goals faster than exercising on your own.

Personal Training for New Moms 

Personal training is the perfect choice for new moms. Workouts can take place at any time, depending on your needs. Scheduling your workout during naptime allows you to get in shape without having to worry about childcare. Our personal trainers help you avoid injury while achieving your goals.

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